The following companies use Nichols’ Enterprises to distribute their products.


T-L Irrigation Systems

Linears and Center Pivots

Turf Grass Irrigation Systems

Row Crop Irrigation Systems

Hay and Forage Systems


Kroy Industries, Inc.

PVC Underground pipe

PVC Surface Gated Pipe

Aluminum Irrigation Pipe

Aluminum Tubing


ABI Irrigation Systems

Hard Hose Travelers


Lake Irrigation Systems

Sideroll Systems

Aluminum Pipe and fittings


Fresno Valve and Castings

Cast iron valves and fittings

Galvanized Steel Fittings


Covalence Plastics

Poly Pipe


Kuriyama Hose and Fittings


Great Plains Meter

Flow measurement Products


Sure Flo

Aluminum Foot valves and fittings



Polyethylene Drainage Pipe and Fittings


Montezuma Mfg. Tool Boxes



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