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I. Nichols Irrigation offers complete Design, Sales, and Service of all types of water delivery systems

A. Agricultural Irrigation Systems

1. T-L centerpivot and linear irrigation systems

2. Underground Pipelines

3. Kroy Surface Gated PVC and Aluminum Pipe

4. Polypipe Irrigation Tubing

B. Aquaculture (fish farming) water delivery and drainage systems

1. Underground Pipelines

2. Valves and fittings

C. Turf Irrigation Systems

1. T-L Linears

2. ABI Hard Hose Travelers

3. Lake Siderolls

4. Underground Pipelines

5. Kroy Aluminum sprinkler Pipe



II. Drainage Control Products-- Culverts

A. ADS-Hancor Pipe

B. Gates

C. Flashboard Risers

D. Concrete drain boxes

E. NDS National Drainage Systems



III. Misc. Products

A. Montezuma Mfg. Tool Boxes

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