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Protect your house from flooding with Nichols Poly Pipe.

flood control pipe around house

18" diameter poly pipe circling a house in Wharton County, Spring of 2015 flood.

Poly pipe comes in 1,320 feet rolls. We have it available in diameters 7" through 22". It ranges in price from $117.00/roll to $483.00/roll.

flood control pipe ready for shipment

Pallet of 2 rolls of 18" Flood Control Poly Pipe ready for shipment.

installing flood control pipe at a house in Wharton Texas

A crew installing a PVC tee connecting a circle of poly pipe around a house. The tee provides a handy place to fill the pipe with water and allows air to "burp" out of the poly pipe.

The flood control Poly pipe may be filled with water using a contractors' pump or simply use the house garden hose.

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