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Irriod irrigation

What is Irripod?

Irripod is a flexible, cost effective, pipeline sprinkler irrigation system ideal for pasture irrigation.

Irripod is a component system that is simple to install and manage. The system is comprised of protective pod skids that cover and protect sprinklers that are attached to a flexible polyethylene pipeline.

The Irripod lines are strong, lightweight, flexible, and can be easily moved while the system is operating by dragging the lines with an ATV or other farm vehicle.

Designed to operate at low pressure, Irripod distributes water on a slow absorption rate over a 12-24 hour period. This allows for effective absorption into the soil while eliminating pooling and run off. The system only requires movement once every 12-24 hour period.

The flexibility of Irripod means the system can be configured for many different end uses. In addition to traditional pasture irrigation applications, Irripod can be used to irrigate orchards, golf courses, sports fields, race tracks, sod farms, and more.


Irripod is a flexible, cost effective, pipeline

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